Nettoyant Tropical

Experience nature’s goodness with Nettoyant Tropical as this skin cleansing soap is made with exotic Grapefruits, Blueberries, Mulberries, Sweet Lime and Raspberry Extracts, and Cuban Coffee paste on a base of natural Soapberries imported from tropical forests of India. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals like SLS and Parabens, and hello to nature! This cleanser smells smooth and fruity, leaving you refreshed for the entire day while stripping all dead skin cells and dirt from your skin – but without the dryness.


How to Use it

Apply and Lather on your Wet Skin. Avoid contact with your eyes as the citrus extracts may irritate your eyes. Apply Pommade Tropical post your bathing sesh for best results!

Beauty from Within, not just outside.


  • Soapberries
  • Blueberry Extracts
  • Mulberry Extracts
  • Macadamia butter
  • Sweet Lime Extracts
  • Cuban Coffee Paste
  • Raspberry Extracts
  • Aqua
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